Training Packages

Tools, Technology, and Team-Building for Project Management

Project management is more than creating a to-do list, distributing assignments, and marching everyone toward the completion date; plus a brief list of expenses because the funder needs a project budget. In this session, we’ll cover the difference between managing an assignment list and managing a project, how to build on your team’s strengths, and how to budget money, time, and resources more accurately. And you’ll learn how to minimize pre-event high anxiety, post-event burnout, and the constant low-level stress that arises from not meeting agreed-upon deadlines and not accomplishing project goals. Let’s manage our projects in a different, more effective way.

Use Your Software More Effectively: Technology Tips and Tricks 

Tired of being frustrated with your software? Or watching minutes and hours disappear as you reformat your document or enter data or fix an error? Learn tips and tricks about your office technology software to help you reduce your frustration, save you time, and increase your productivity. In this session, we’ll introduce you to timesaving technology tips and software customizations, and consider the costs and benefits of investing in technology training for staff.

Data-Driven: An Overview of How Databases Work

What exactly is a database, and how is it different from a spreadsheet? Why does it matter how information is entered? Do you have valuable data on various sheets of paper, or in a dozen different spreadsheets, or in your program manager’s head? In this data-driven age, we’re increasingly asked to collect and analyze data to help drive our decision-making. On the programming end, for example, knowing which participants return for multiple programs can revolutionize how you engage them, tailor your offerings, and customize your communications. On the development end, knowing which of your donors are also volunteers can make the difference between long-term major donors and one-time contributors. But first, you have to have data in a form you can analyze. In this session, we’ll help you to understand how databases work and to learn how to think strategically about how and where you store your data for easy and effective retrieval.

Improve Group Decision-Making

Learn about the science of decision-making. Why do some people seem so indecisive? Why do others seem to jump forward without nearly enough information? It’s very likely that what you experience as personal conflicts between people in your group is actually a reflection of their different styles of processing information and making decisions. We’ll help you identify different decision-making styles and techniques, learn to avoid typical traps that interfere with good decision-making, and learn how to invoke and benefit from your group’s smarts. As a group, you will analyze how your team operates and develop an action plan to improve your organizational decision-making process and outcomes.

Strategic Roles and Responsibilities

Learn about the science of teams. We’ll introduce you to different tools that will enhance your team cohesiveness. From bringing the right people onto your team to examining and aligning roles and responsibilities within and across organizations and movements, we’ll help strengthen your group’s ability to achieve success. As a group, you will consider how each member’s individual styles affect your teamwork, learn how to maximize individual strengths in a team environment, and learn how to assign roles and responsibilities to increase successful outcomes for your efforts.

Engage Your Community: A Framework for Identity-Based Organizations

Unlike groups based on geography or issue area, groups that come together based on shared identity face unique capacity challenges. These challenges manifest in rocky leadership transitions and tensions and splintering around internal diversity, politics, and programmatic priorities. In this session, we’ll explore dynamics affecting leadership development and movement building in small identity-based organizations, share a framework to help diagnose issues and systematically identify strategic partnership opportunities, and offer ideas and tools to facilitate leadership development and strategic partnerships.

Build Cultural Competency

Our cultural competency training offers boards and staff an opportunity to come to grips with what “diversity” means in an organizational context, why it’s important to address head-on at all levels of the organization, and how to minimize the disparities in power and access that arise from our identities and positions in order to work most effectively together. You’ll leave with an understanding of what cultural competency is and what it isn’t, a framework for defining and making sense of your own identities and worldviews relative to others in your organization, and tools and strategies to build a culturally competent organization.

Other trainings and workshops available – please ask!



Our P90 package is a 90-minute training that provides participants with an overview of a topic, examples of real-life application, and experiential exercises to help participants learn skills and potential applications in their workplace. Participants are encouraged to target specific goals, plan next steps, and track their learning progress. Great for conference participants!


Our P120 package is a 2-hour training with implementation support that includes 1 hour of observing you in action in your space and identifying your baseline. Based on what we learn from the observation and talking with you, we develop a custom one-hour training or coaching session. Level: Beginner and Intermediate. Great for individuals struggling with technology adoption or organizational teams interested in improving how they work together!


Our P240 package is a 4-hour half-day workshop/coaching that includes 1 four-hour/half-day session or 2 two-hour sessions, depending on the topic.

Most of our training programs come in three formats. We encourage organizations, coalitions, and collaborations to consider customized training/coaching packages for working teams.

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