Time Management

Our time management workshops inspire and motivate you to be intentional about what you are doing at any given moment: to be spending your time the way you really want to. You’ll get tools, resources, and support structures, too — so that you’re most likely to persevere when the going gets tough.

We begin with you getting clear about your ideal, balanced life: what it consists of and looks like. With that foundation in place, we help you identify how you currently spend your time; where there’s leeway for you to shift your time toward your ideal, balanced life; and how to build the scaffolding you need to make those shifts, with a long-term view in mind.

Too often, our aspirations exceed the laws of physics. This workshop offers a chance for you to notice where your time is being spent and get real about exactly how much discretionary time you have. So be prepared for a reality check: your chance to account for (accept, celebrate, release yourself for) the time you spend every day and week on required — non-discretionary — activities. Also be prepared for some tough love: we’ll not only give you suggestions for improving your time management; we’ll also expect you to set up the structures you need to lift yourself up again and again until making your wisest time decisions becomes as natural as checking Facebook when you’re bored.

Contact me at vega@vegamala.com to find out when we’ll offer this workshop next, or to bring the workshop to your organization.


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