Strategic Guidance

Whether you’re polling your constituency, or developing your program goals and outcomes, or looking for your best options, we’ll save you valuable time by doing the legwork for you. Our expertise includes excellent searching capabilities as well as quantitative and qualitative surveying techniques. We’ll provide insight and recommendations, so that you can focus on making the best decision or taking the best action for your team, organization, or partnership/collective.

  • Community needs assessmentAs communities change, the assumptions you made when you started may have changed. And some changes can be best or only observed from the outside. We’ll help you get a periodic pulse on the changing attitudes, behaviors, and conditions influencing or affecting your communities, so you can continue to target your resources effectively.
  • Environmental scan. Whether it’s identifying your potential partners, staying on top of the economic forecast, or getting ahead of changing social and technological trends, understanding the forces that influence your organization’s direction can be the difference between mission success and mission failure.
  • Promising practices review/resource guide. A comprehensive and customized guide to the current literature and resources on a particular topic – from current evaluation models to best practices in forming strong collaborations – can help you make informed decisions swiftly. We’ll do the research and provide you with annotated reviews of materials, so that you can make your decision and move forward with implementation.
  • Road map/checklist. Has turnover required new staff to rebuild program activities from scratch? Or perhaps you just want to get your organization registered and incorporated and you don’t have time to research the steps. We’ll develop customized checklists, action steps, and/or road maps to guide you on your path and help you retain institutional knowledge.
  • Decision-making criteria development and matrix. We’ll identify, review, and contextualize information critical to charting your best course of action and provide you with a matrix to help you decide on and implement appropriate organizational changes.
  • Program evaluations. What difference are you trying to make? How do you know if you’ve made it? How do you measure progress? And what could you do better? Whether it’s uncovering the underlying assumptions of the change you’re trying to make, mapping and tracking your resources and activities to the outcomes you seek, or understanding your impact, we’ll help you to articulate the change you’re making. Beyond using tools such as theory of change, logic model, and social return on investment, we’ll also help you set up a sustainable framework for measuring and increasing your impact that is based on your organization’s stages of development and lifecycle.
  • Collective/collaborative impact assessments. Groups with different strategies, approaches, and/or constituencies have a collective strength – and when you work in concert, your collective strength is greater than the sum of your parts. Conversely, when you work in isolation, you run the risk of draining valuable resources from achieving your common vision. We support collaboratives (e.g., collectives, partnerships, coalitions, and multi-sector initiatives) in articulating a common agenda, agreeing on shared measurements and common indicators, developing a plan of action that builds on the differentiated activities of each group, and establishing communication channels that enhance partner trust and coordination. Our approach will help you reveal gaps in your impact model and uncover unseen strategic opportunities. We also provide management support to coordinating organizations.
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