Technology Advice

Everybody we know is overwhelmed by technology options – even those of us who embrace and love new technology and see it as a real solution to at least some workplace problems. Either different software applications don’t talk to each other, or we have yet another application in which we have to track information, or our need to collaborate with people in different offices and organizations means yet another cloud file-sharing program, yet another userid and password to track, yet another location to search for a document. Isn’t technology supposed to make our lives simpler? Why does it seem like too often, it just adds another unwelcome layer of complication instead?

We can help you evaluate which solutions are working best for you, streamline, and get the most out of the technology you’re using. We’ll also help to strengthen your technology capacity and help you recognize whether you’re in need of a human solution, technology solution, or a hybrid.

  • Technology research and recommendations. Don’t let your technology become the barrier to fulfilling your mission. Whether you’re trying to eliminate duplicate entry between Constant Contact and Quickbooks or looking for a collaborative software solution for your collective impact project, we’ll research and compare different technology and technology platforms to identify options that will best support what you’re trying to accomplish.
  • In-house technology assessments. What would your organization do with an extra 300+ hours a year? That’s how much a five-person organization could recover annually if each person were 15 minutes more technology-efficient a day. At an average of $25/hr per person, that’s a $7,500 savings per year! Whether it’s recovering lost documents when your computer crashes, or streamlining your contact information entry process, or building your formatting skills in Word or e-newsletters, assessing your technology and use of technology can uncover risks and opportunities for saving time and money. In our technology assessments, we’ll review your technology products and how your staff uses them, then provide feedback on which technology platforms are slowing you down, recommend training opportunities to emphasize, and suggest potential staff roles and responsibilities alignments to maximize technology benefits.


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