Our Approach

In our experience, we’ve seen that people have passion about their mission and expertise in their field, but they are too often stretched beyond their capacity to manage staff, organizations, and collaborations.

As a result

  • Leaders burn out
  • Staff and volunteers are underused and exploited
  • Organizations forfeit resources, like time and money
  • Organizational health erodes
  • Communities become fractured
  • Social movements lose momentum

Our passion is to help people transform, organizations thrive, and collaborations grow stronger.

Our mission is to support small social justice organizations and change-makers who work with marginalized communities so that they can engage in transformational, culture-shifting work—in themselves, their organizations, their social movements—and ultimately, our communities.

We envision equitable, nurturing, and enduring communities empowered and embraced by healthy, effective, and sustainable nonprofit and community organizations.

Our clients are small- to mid-size social justice organizations around the United States. To give you a taste of who we work with, here’s a sampling of current and recent clients:

Our aim is to help broaden your thinking, learn together, and perform. Whether it’s for the short term or for the long haul, we will work with you to uncover, diagnose, and address issues from a multi-lens perspective. We believe that community-building, learning and innovation, and internal systems are the pillars of organizational health. To foster integration and interdependence, we cut across the traditional programmatic and operational categories at all levels: from individuals and teams to organizations and systems.

Our goal is to sow the seeds of resiliency and efficiency into your leadership, organization, or member-driven work so people stay in community with each other and nurture a culture of collaborative movement-building that fuels long-term, sustained social change.