August 26, 2015

Autumnal Equinox: A Time for Rejuvenation

BLOG_Forest_webBy Vega Subramaniam

The onset of autumn always fills me with a sense of anticipation. I have a visceral response to the changes in the air that come with the start of the academic year. I was one of the lucky ones who experienced the thrill of shiny new school supplies, blank notebooks, new pencils and pencil cases. As a professor, I thrived on the energy and boisterousness of students returning to schools and campuses. And I always hoped that this year, I’d get it right, I’d excel, I’d rise to the challenge and meet my potential.

Even though I haven’t been a student — or a professor or university employee — for years, that spirit has never left me. The autumn air still signals potential, possibility, achievement. And it’s not just me.

Around the world, autumn is a time of anticipation and preparedness. We gather with gratitude for what we have and prepare to be resilient for the colder, darker days ahead. Our harvest festivals celebrate sharing, abundance, and love.

Sharing, abundance, and love: such perfect sentiments for setting aside a day for reflection and planning. A day to think about what you’ve accomplished thus far this year and how you want to step into this last season of the year. This is the time to ground yourself in your values and commit to the small daily changes that set a solid foundation for living with purpose and joy in 2016.

Whether you spend the day in intentional life planning with us, or by yourself or with your friends or community, carving out that time for purposeful reflection is a gift you’ll carry well into the next year and beyond.


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