Awesome Trips

I was reading an article in The New Yorker about Icelandic volcanoes, as you do. The author went to rather great lengths to witness the eruption of one particular volcano: Fagradalsfjall (on a side note, who’s with me that all … Read More

Musings on Hope

By Vega Subramaniam

“Expectation is the root of all heartache.” — (Probably not) Shakespeare

We’re hearing a lot about “hope” these days. Hope for vaccinations and herd immunity. Hope for a relatively speedy economic recovery. Hope for a return to … Read More

03 Mar '21

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Setting Personal Goals During a Pandemic: Yea or Nay?

By Vega Subramaniam

The confluence of three things recently got me to thinking about the larger purpose of larger purposes.

The first thing is our “Intentional Life Planning” retreat. After years of offering it In Real Life, Mala and I … Read More

Mixed Emotions

By Vega Subramaniam

Pretty much all the time, the same event—a marriage, a funeral, a holiday celebration…an election…—is an occasion for both celebration and mourning—laden also with all the emotions in between and sideways and tangential and, for that matter, … Read More

Happy Holidays? Yes. Happy Holidays!

By Vega Subramaniam

Well, friends, we’re almost there. Not that I’m quite sure what “there” means, exactly. Should I be worried? Probably. Am I still feeling hopeful? Yes. Am I feeling maybe even a bit festive? Also yes! I don’t know what’s … Read More

27 Nov '20


Choose Joy (Even in These Challenging Times)

By Maria Taylor

One morning not long ago, I was feeling extremely sad and weary over some things in my personal life I’d been growing through. For comfort, I reminded myself of one of my favorite scriptures: “Be joyful always, … Read More

13 Nov '20


Even Though We Knew, It Still Sucks

By Vega Subramaniam

Biden 306; The Donald 232. Woohoo, this means that I can get a good night’s sleep tonight, right? It’s finally over? I can rest up for the ongoing movement work? I can go back to paying attention … Read More

(Mis)Pronouncing My Name: It’s Complicated

By Vega Subramaniam

If you’re an American citizen, I hope you have either voted or have a rock-solid plan to do so. Thank you for attending my Harridan Talk.

While mispronouncing names might not be the biggest issue on people’s minds … Read More

10 Oct '20


Despair and Stillness

By Vega Subramaniam

What is happening? What. Is. Happening?

No, don’t answer that. I’m actually not interested in prolonging that conversation in this moment.

In this moment, what I’m actually interested in is turning again to taking care of ourselves.

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Our Oxymoronic Times

By Vega Subramaniam

Our current experience is large; it contains multitudes.

We’re used to the same event evoking multiple, even contradictory emotions. Weddings, funerals, family gatherings, new jobs, all of these experiences are laced with mixed emotions. Joy, nervousness, excitement, … Read More