What is Human Resources Management?

By Mala Nagarajan

Note from Mala: this builds on a previous post, “What is Radical Human Resources?”

Note from Vega: this is a long one! But stick with it; it’s so worth it! Her section on “A New Vision for … Read More

The Fear of Rejection: You’re Lovely

By Vega Subramaniam

The topic of rejection and its attendant anxiety has come up with alarming frequency in the past few months, both with my clients as well as generally in various conversations I’ve had with various others (which, now … Read More

28 Apr '23


What is “Radical Human Resources”?

By Mala Nagarajan

I’m a member of the RoadMap consulting network’s human resources/racial justice (HR/RJ) working group. One of my most trusted and respected colleagues in that group recently posed the question, “What is traditional human resource management (HR), and … Read More

How do we quantify a thriving wage?

By Mala Nagarajan

I’ve often heard, and have also adopted, the word “thriving” to describe the desired state of our communities. But I’ve never really seen anyone define what “thriving” means, especially when it comes to compensation. Someone surely … Read More

The Eternal Mystery That is Time

By Vega Subramaniam

I am someone with many, many interests. Too many to list. Every once in awhile, I’ll run into someone just a bit older than I am who, when I ask about retirement, will say they’re not ready … Read More

18 Nov '22


Why Do We Qualify Positive Statements?

By Vega Subramaniam

The other day, I was talking with Mala about some work I was doing, and I said, “it’s going pretty well, actually!” My immediate, split-second response to my own statement was, “I mean, there’s stuff that could … Read More

Top Tips to Stop Widening the Wealth Gap

By Vega and Mala

Hello, my friends! How are you? Are you OK? Probably not. Or at least, probably not totally, even if sort of. Just like Mala and me! Just like all of us. If you’re tired, welcome. There’s … Read More

Don’t Put Metal in the Microwave, and Other Compensation Myths

By Vega Subramaniam

Do you want to know something that Mala does? Routinely? She takes leftovers out of the fridge, transfers them to a stainless steel plate, puts the plate into the microwave, and turns on the heat.

Do you … Read More

Awesome Trips

I was reading an article in The New Yorker about Icelandic volcanoes, as you do. The author went to rather great lengths to witness the eruption of one particular volcano: Fagradalsfjall (on a side note, who’s with me that all … Read More

Musings on Hope

By Vega Subramaniam

“Expectation is the root of all heartache.” — (Probably not) Shakespeare

We’re hearing a lot about “hope” these days. Hope for vaccinations and herd immunity. Hope for a relatively speedy economic recovery. Hope for a return to … Read More