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Frequently Asked Questions

We’re asking interested folks to apply first so we can:

  • Assess the level of interest and at what levels of payment folks are able to participate at to ensure the seminar series is financially feasible. We cannot offer the series if we cannot either break even with our costs or find ways to lower the costs;
  • Ask funders who might be willing to subsidize registration costs exactly how much we would need to make it economically accessible for all interested organizations, or direct folks to funders that organizations could contact directly for funds;
  • Ensure that organizations who are applying are the right fit for what we’re offering. While the Foundations seminar will most likely be appropriate for all organizations, the other seminars may or may not be. We encourage you to check out Vega Mala Consulting’s Conditions for Readiness – a tool that we use when we consult with organizations directly – as a way to assess your organization’s readiness (and fit) for this process.

The registration cost is per person.

We see the seminar series as an affordable way for organizations to engage with our compensation equity process. Organizations will gain tools to build their own scaffolding and then can contract us or any other certified consultants for a more cost-effective project and/or process guidance package. This may include: third-party survey administration; facilitation support; advising and thought partnership; or technical support to build a tool for salary projections, tracking, and management.

Our previous projects – driven by an HR intervention process – cost $10K-$25K; as we move to a more robust organizational change process designed to bring all staff along the journey, the estimated cost has shifted. We’re finding projects are starting at $25K for the initial, organization-wide assessment phase, plus additional shared learning/political education and implementation phases that are scoped separately based on the initial assessment.

There is a 15% early bird discount for those who apply before the early bird deadline on Friday, February 17.

If the registration costs are prohibitive, please let us know on the application. On the second page of the application: (1) select the “Not sure/Other” option as your pricing tier; and (2) on the last question, “Is there anything else you would like to let us know regarding registration and payment?,” share what you can actually pay per person or what kind of scholarship you would need to be able to participate.

We are a mostly queer, BIPOC-identified team, and part of our own compensation equity-in-practice is offering the series only if we can break even or find outside funding support. We are asking funders who might be willing to subsidize registration costs exactly how much we would need to make it economically accessible for interested organizations and economically feasible for our team. Some of these funders – or others like them – might also support your organization, so you may consider reaching out to some of your funders who support capacity building to see if they might be interested in partnering.

Each applicant should complete a separate application. We will be assessing our ability to give teams a discount, and will advise each team prior to registration whether or not we can provide one. 

Please note that not every seminar may be the right fit for each team member. The first daylong “Foundation” seminar would be helpful for everyone in leadership, especially for those in CEO, CFO, and HR Director roles. This seminar will be geared toward decision-makers. Please note that the first seminar is required for anyone who wishes to take any of the following seminars. The 6-part seminar, “Footing,” is meant for the implementation team. The third daylong seminar, “Framing,” is meant for those who will facilitate conversations and internal changemakers who will support learning for all staff. 

Full refunds are available until February 15, 2023. After that, full refunds will only be given within 24 hours of payment. Otherwise, we can apply your registration fee toward any future seminar registrations (Please note: additional dates have not yet been finalized), or toward consulting projects or coaching engagements with Vega Mala Consulting.

We plan to record each session and share with participants registered for that seminar. While we ask for everyone’s participation for the entire seminar, we recognize some commitments may require you to step away or miss a session. Participants must attend both live sessions of the Certification seminar, however.

Please make note of any conflicts on the last page of the application, under the last question “Is there anything else you’d like to share or ask about this seminar series?” If a conflict arises after you submit your registration, reach out to Vega at

We leave this up to the discretion of the organization and their staff representative to determine whether the spot in the seminar transfers with that person as part of their professional development allocation, or if another staff representative will take their place.

We absolutely want to offer it again in the future, but it will depend on engagement with the series this time around, along with funding and whether our team can breakeven.


Questions? Email Vega at We look forward to connecting with you soon!


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