Coaching helps you build a bridge between where you are and where you want to be. As your coach, I support you to find your voice, set your goals, and pave your unique path. Example coaching areas include:

  1. Life and Transformational coaching (e.g., changing your habits, overcoming challenges)
  2. Productivity coaching (e.g., improving your time management, priority setting)
  3. Career coaching (e.g., transitioning jobs and careers)
  4. Writing support (e.g., finding your voice, telling your story, scholarship application support)

Our consulting services generally fall within three categories:

  1. Strategic guidance (strategic planning, needs assessments, program evaluation, capacity assessments, coalition support)
  2. Human resource management and team-building facilitation (HR Services, organizational structure, team design and assessments, workflow analysis)
  3. Technology advice (selecting and implementing technology projects, training on office productivity applications,)

Services include consultation as well as customized trainings in each of these areas.

Our workshops and retreats include:

  1. For individuals
  2. For organizations
    • Cultural Competency
    • Human Resources Management 101
    • Managerial and supervisory training
    • Team design and productivity
    • Project management
    • Technology training
  3. For coalitions and capacity builders
    • An organizing framework for small identity-based organizations to support leadership development, collaboration, and movement building

Our Cost

Our costs are variable depending on the needs and scope of work. Contact us and let us know what you need. We can assess the work and give you a quote.