Dependable Strengths Articulation Process

PLEASE NOTE: As of January, 2021, we have put an indefinite pause on all workshop and retreat offerings, including Intentional Life Planning and Dependable Strengths Articulation Process. We do not currently have a timeline for when we will offer them again.
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The Dependable Strengths Articulation Process (DSAP) is based on the simple philosophy that everyone has excellence. Our highly structured 2-day DSAP workshop is a peer-assisted group process first developed by Bernard Haldane in 1945. The heart of the process is story telling. As a certified DSAP facilitator, I am trained to elicit the kind of stories that illustrate your Dependable Strengths®—each person’s special talent for excellence.

As a participant in the process, you reflect on your experiences in life, identify your patterns of strengths, and learn how to talk about your Dependable Strengths in ways that demonstrate their value. The process leads to increased self-awareness, self-esteem, and self-confidence; and it helps you plan for a successful future.

The Dependable Strengths process is a highly effective approach to career planning, team building, organizational development, resiliency, personal well being, community participation, and more.

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Here’s what past participants have said:

“I was hesitant to call myself “a writer” before I participated in The Dependable Strengths Articulation Process workshop with Vega Mala Consulting. After doing the exercises before and during the workshop, I saw plainly that throughout my life my most positive experiences had been experiences of writing and being commended for it. Mapping my life achievements and getting feedback from peers made it clear to me that writing was a skill I’d honed over a long period of time. After this process, I stopped saying “I write” and instead began saying “I’m a writer.” It was extremely powerful discovering this in a group of peers and friends, where I also learned more about them and worked with them to help them make their own discoveries. Now I’ve made a commitment to ensure writing is a part of my professional and personal work.” — Celía Burke, Diversity Fellow, Washington, DC

“I have participated in various personal and professional development activities throughout my career. The Dependable Strengths Articulation Process was hands down the most revealing and immediately useful. I highly recommend it for anyone who feels stuck, is unsure of what motivates them, or wants to maximize their current situation. Because it requires you to recall good experiences from all aspects of your life, the results don’t depend on what your career has been up until now or where you’re headed. In other words, you get a much more holistic view of what you truly enjoy and are good at. It revealed strengths of mine that were scattered in different areas of my life. I kind of knew these things about myself but going through the process helped me to clearly articulate my strengths and advocate for ways to incorporate them into my current work.” — HR Professional in Corporate Firm, Washington, DC

“Dependable Strengths has completely changed how I view myself and my abilities. I have more confidence in what I have accomplished in all aspects of my life and clearly articulate my transferable skills. Vega and Mala helped me see that I am more than my resume and my true story is more than my cover letter.” – Lydia R. Vanderbilt, Nonprofit Professional, Washington, DC

“After working with [Vega and Mala], I was influenced to believe more strongly in my intuition and to feel more in touch – in a humble and confident way — with the things I am good at.  I have a deeper connection with that sense of centeredness, and with my own ability to contribute to the world; I have a newfound excitement about my life.” — Rebecca Mintz, Program Manager, Latin American Youth Center (LAYC)