Intentional Life Planning

PLEASE NOTE: As of January, 2021, we have put an indefinite pause on all workshop and retreat offerings, including Intentional Life Planning and Dependable Strengths Articulation Process. We do not currently have a timeline for when we will offer them again.
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Define your values and let them be your lighthouse.

Are you overwhelmed? Constantly pulled in a hundred directions – from work, home, family, community work, or just spending a night out with friends? Do you feel directionless, or like you’re spinning in your own head and need a way to push through the murk?

The Intentional Life Planning Workshop is designed to offer clarity, purpose, and a path. It’s for people who find themselves overwhelmed, uncertain about their future, and seeking clarity and rejuvenation. It’s for nonprofit staff and leaders who are feeling bored or burnt out by your current path. It’s for people in the corporate or government sectors who want your values to guide your lives. It’s for anyone who feels like there are things you want to do, but somehow you’re not getting around to them.

In this guided workshop, we’ll offer strategies and tools to help you set your personal intentions and bring balance to your life. From defining your values and mission to applying a Balanced Wheel of Life approach to practicing values-based time management, these strategies and tools will help you to shape a more intentional life.

We also offer Intentional Life Planning for Partners to provide a guided space to retreat, reconnect, and rejuvenate shared intentions around what is most meaningful to your lives and how you want to engage the world together. This workshop applies Intentional Life Planning themes to your journey as partners, and we invite you to co-create a path that integrates and balances your individual mission and values with your shared mission and values. We also explore intentions and set commitments around communication, decision-making, and conflict resolution – cornerstones that set a strong foundation for the journey together.

Contact us to bring this workshop to you and your group…of community members, colleagues, or comrades.


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Here’s what past participants have said:

“The Intentional Life Planning workshop was just what I needed to pause, reconnect with my values, and learn concrete tools for aligning my life with those values. In the process I learned that planning, which I tend to have anxiety and stress about, can be done in a grounded, fun, joyful way, especially when facilitated by Vega and Mala. Their warmth, insight, authenticity, and the specific stories they shared from their own lives made the workshop accessible and welcoming. They are deeply committed to inclusivity and I felt at home in the workshop with many people of color, women, queer, trans, and gender-non-conforming folks. I left feeling connected to my purpose and equipped with goals and action steps to support my thriving.”

Vega and Mala’s Intentional Life Planning workshop was incredible. I have been in the midst of making some major changes in my life, and previously feeling very unsettled and uncertain about them. During and after the workshop I was able to connect to my values, to feel what I wanted and needed, and create a stronger picture of myself and my life. What an awesome gift! The series of activities that Vega and Mala have crafted lead so well into each other. The sequencing really helped me to see things differently, and access parts of myself I wouldn’t have otherwise. The workshop allowed for a lot of self-reflection time, and they held a beautiful space that felt really supportive to delve into that in. I left that day feeling clearer and stronger than I had in quite a long time. Since the workshop I’ve used the tools we got to stay focused on my life and my future plans, and to stay more present and notice more the ways that things in my life currently are lining up with my values. I really loved the personal stories from both facilitators. They modeled how they have used these tools in their own lives, and also how they’ve grown and changed them as they figure things out.”

I’ve taken a lot of workshops over the years to help me hone in on how to live an aligned life, but never before have I left a workshop feeling so remarkably at peace with myself and who I am. Vega and Mala start by asking about values and identifying what we need to thrive, and the insightful framing they offer makes it possible for us to honor our true and highest selves. I thought I knew all the tools for “figuring out” my priorities, but what Vega and Mala offered was totally new – and felt so right. They are the real deal. Thoughtful, reflective, compassionate, witty, inclusive, and so much fun, Vega and Mala show you what it’s like to live into your purpose by living into theirs.”

“The Intentional Life Planning Workshop is just what I needed to help me organize my thoughts and focus on whats most important in my life. The agenda was jam-packed with exercises that helped me discover strengths and values I wasn’t aware I had, figure out where my time is going and how I can plan my days better, and create actionable goals for the next couple of months. It was also a day to spend with like-minded individuals who offered great insight, perspectives, and resources. It has been months since I attended my first workshop and I still go back to my notes from that day to remind myself of what I should be focusing on.”

“Taking a full day to think about the future is just magical. We have this tendency to think the future is out there, out of our control. In reality, we’re creating our future every day.”

“I’ve been reading my mission every day, and working toward my goal as I described it in my letter to myself. I’ve returned to the mission and values many times since the workshop in order to take my work on them beyond the workshop, and I intend to do this with other parts of the workshop too. The handouts are super helpful. The flow was stellar! Seamless! I’m wanting a second day now!”

“At first, I was wondering why it felt like I didn’t attend many [conference] sessions this year and then I remembered that it was because I spent 3 fantastic and productive hours with the two of you! Thanks for putting together such an important workshop.”

“I’m using my time differently, attempting to do things that are closer to what I want to be doing.”

“I’m planning to go because I know it will help me to move forward and feel supported. For my personal budget, the cost is not cheap, but I’m looking at it as an investment in the life I want to live. Plus, Vega and Mala do a great job of creating reflective and action-oriented spaces that are open to people of color, queer and trans/gender nonconforming folks, and people with anti-capitalist and progressive values.”

“I will admit that I was skeptical at first; “life planning” sounded too vague to actually be helpful. I’m glad I gave myself the chance to be proven wrong! I loved the day I spent at Mala & Vega’s Intentional Life Planning retreat. Organizers rarely take the time to organize our own lives, and this retreat was a chance to use the skills I typically only use in movement spaces on my own life – to vision, dream big, understand what drives me, and identify what I need. Since the retreat, I’ve prioritized pieces of my life that are actually essential to me – cooking, working out, making time for music. The retreat helped me reframe those pieces of my life as essential, and as non-negotiable as work – not just what I do when I need ‘self-care.”

“What I loved most and what I carry with me is the feeling of trust and authenticity with the facilitators and the participants. It’s hard to let your guard down in the city, but the workshop/retreat felt like a safe space for reflection and forward thinking. Thank you!”

“The workshop came at a good time, as the topics were issues I had been mulling over. It was incredible to do it with community. More than the specific tools, I came away with validation for so many of the feelings floating in my head echoed by other people. Too often we can’t get real or vulnerable with each other in a professional setting, whether a dinner party or happy hour or social event. We get stuck in the phase of job titles and organization reputation, without asking each other if our dreams are fulfilled or we are harnessing our potential or doing what we were meant to do.”

“You were amazing as facilitators and your perspectives and skills really complement each other. Vega–your words were so grounding and you kept us on task. Mala–you offered such joyfulness and often lightened the air. I can’t say enough about what a privilege it was to attend this workshop with you both leading it.”