December 30, 2018

Welcome to 2019!

By Vega Subramaniam

2019 Business Planning

Despite everything, I’m feeling a pleasant shiver of anticipation for 2019. Partly, it’s because Mala, Megan, and I just finished our annual business planning retreat. That always puts a lightness in my step. There’s something about arriving at a clear-eyed understanding of who we are, how well we’re doing, and where we’re headed, that is incredibly centering—even, dare I say, exhilarating.


2019 Business Planning

Oreos don’t hurt


Also, what we’ve got planned for our business in 2019 is thrilling…thrilling and terrifying. Stay tuned for details next week!




I don’t know how you approach the passage between December 31 and January 1—if you’re the sort who celebrates with abandon, or not at all, or somewhere in between.

Regardless, because I value the ritual of marking endings and beginnings, I’ll take a moment to breathe a sigh of relief to be leaving 2018 behind and extend my hope for a more promising new year. I hope we have the best possible health in 2019 and that most nights, we sleep with a clear conscience. I hope we’re surrounded by love (including our own for ourselves). I hope our paths cross over and over again in 2019, and that we do positive, uplifting work together and laugh a lot.


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