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Put Your Money Where Your Values Are


Primary Presenters

Mala Nagarajan | HR Consultant

Mala Nagarajan (she/he) is a senior HR consultant who works predominantly with small-to-midsize nonprofit organizations rooted in racial and social justice values. She is driven by a vision of strong organizations working collaboratively toward a common social purpose and approaches her HR work with a holistic, values-aligned, people-centered, and movement-oriented lens. Mala is a consultant with RoadMap, a national network of independent consultants who work with social justice organizations. As part of her RoadMap work, she helped organize the HR & RJ (racial justice) working group.  Mala has developed an innovative Compensation Equity Process and Calculator™ that works to reverse-engineer (white) supremacy out and re-engineer equity in. It’s a customized, evolving approach accompanied with a custom built management decision tool that organizations can use to shift from a market-based salary policy to an anti-racist model that centers those who live at the intersections of multiple marginalized communities.


Richael Faithful | Racial Equity Facilitator

Richael Faithful (they/them) is a southern Black trans-masculine folk healer, conflict worker, healing justice strategist, and movement lawyer who facilitates complex healing-related conversations. Richael supports a number of movement organizers, community caregivers, and healing justice practitioners across the U.S. to sustain, deepen, and work at cultural/spiritual edges. They have joined Vega and Mala Consulting in various threads of visionary pay equity and reparations work, including facilitation of money conversations. Richael is also excited to begin their second year as a Borealis Philanthropy fellow, in partnership with Mala, in the development of a nonprofit worker pay equity discussion guide.


Supporting Presenters

Anjan Chaudhry
Bio coming soon






Griffin Moore (pronouns: they, them) is an organization development consultant and a leadership and career coach. Their clients are committed to working for social justice.

Griffin uses facilitation, data, coaching, and training to guide clients as they align their values and practices. They offer skills and insights from a decade of experience as an internal culture change agent in regional, national, and international nonprofit and for-profit entities. An early-career OD professional, Griffin works in consulting teams with practitioners who possess complementary skill sets to attend to individual, interpersonal, team, organizational, industry, and movement dynamics. As a coach, Griffin has supported social justice leaders, teams, and more than 1,000 career changers to create values-aligned careers and ways of working.

Griffin holds an M.S. in Organization Development from American University and a B.A. in African American Studies with a concentration in history from Oberlin College. Griffin is a Black, queer, nonbinary trans, nature nerd who lives on Piscataway-Conoy lands currently known as Washington, D.C.


In alternate universes, Karen Leu is a martial artist, a professional waffle-maker, and a superhero that makes sure all kids everywhere experience love, safety, and silliness. In this one, Karen likes spreadsheets and deep questions and hates extreme wealth inequality, reactivity, and writing her own bios.





Megan Rolfe (“MR,” they/she) has spent more than a decade providing small organizations and social justice consultants with the project support and capacity they need to move work forward and impact change. Having often served in inaugural operations and everything-plus-the-kitchen-sink-type roles for small teams, Megan knows what it takes to successfully set up core systems, center the “human” in HR, and find succinct and digestible ways to report back information to support informed decision-making. Megan is a member of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and holds a SHRM-CP certification. Megan has an MA in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies from the University at Albany-SUNY, where they studied the intersections of race, class, gender, and sexuality, and they completed graduate coursework in qualitative methods at UNC-Chapel Hill. 


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